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Do Not Stop the Doughnut

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Do Not Stop the Doughnut

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Meet Don a kindhearted and courageous (if somewhat dimwitted) doughnut. In this fast-paced platformer you control Don as he rushes through a Fairytale Fantasy version of 19th century London on his quest to help his friend and creator the Blue Fairy to stop the nefarious plans of the evil Tooth Fairy and her legion of tooth trolls.

  • Keep on rolling: Turn Don on his side and make him roll to increase his speed and attack enemies, but be careful while rolling your controls are limited making it easier to fall into traps or run into obstacles.
  • Delicious power-ups: Increase Don's abilities with 3 sugary sweet power-ups including sprinkles, glazing and cream filling.
  • Alternate paths: There's more than one way to reach the goal. Can you find the secret paths hidden through the level?
  • Get the point: There are many ways to gain points in this game and you'll need to take advantage of all of them if you want the coveted High-Score position.
  • Hardcore Challenge: Don't let the looks deceive you, despite its sweet colorful appearance this game packs a mean challenge.
  • Sweet sound: Including full voice acting and a soundtrack that will get stuck in your head for weeks to come.

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    Yonna Ingolf

    Yonna Ingolf


    Project Role: Designer, writer

    Felix Sjödin

    Felix Sjödin


    Project Role: Designer

    Jessica Wirsborg
    Christian Ljungqvist

    Christian Ljungqvist


    Project Role: Designer, Writer

    Ernst Joel Carlsson
    Henrik Johansson
    Sara Bergkvist
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